James Martin Borg

Social Learning and Cultural Evolution in Artificial Evolutionary Systems

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James Borg


I am Lecturer in Computer Science in the School of Computer Science and Digital Engineering, Aston University, UK, a Management Committee for the Aston Centre for AI Research and Applications (ACAIRA), and a member of the ALICE research group. My research interests can be broadly described as Social Learning and Cultural Evolution in Artificial Evolutionary Systems. More details about my research can be found on my Research Interests and Publications pages.

Current Research Projects:  

I am originally from Birmingham, and am proudly half Maltese. Before moving to Aston University in January 2022 I was Lecturer in Evolutionary Systems at Keele University, UK (joining in 2009 to begin my PhD and Teaching Fellowship). Before undertaking a PhD I studied for a BSc in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science and a MSc in Advance Computer Science at the University of Birmingham, UK.

In my spare time I am a keen Aston Villa supporter; regularly injured football player; music enthusiast; out of practice guitarist; Science Fiction fan, part time gamer, part time politico, part time meme stock enthusiast; and full time Dad and partner.

Injury Status: Old and unfit

Currently Listening: Many Minds (podcast); Origin Stories (podcast); 65daysofstatic (Music)

Currently Reading: Exhalation by Ted Chiang (Fiction); Where the Wild Flowers Grow by Leif Bersweden (non-Fiction); Ex Machina - Coevolving Machines and the Origins of the Social Universe by John H. Miller (research - book); Adaptive responses to environmental stochasticity on different evolutionary time-scales by Thomas Ray Haaland (research - PhD Thesis)

Currently Playing: Civilization VI and Crusader Kings 3

Investments Status: Errmm, let's just say I'm going long (really long)

My Reading List

I have built up a bad habit of buying books and bookmarking paper, so I have decided to list everything I have on my stack to read here. Hopefully this will shame me into making some headway in to these (or at least stop buying books and bookmarking papers). If you are interested, feel free to expand the sections below.