Modules (2018/19)

All Modules are hosted of Keele's Blackboard Learning Environment (KLE)

  • CSC-10025: Cybercrime


  • CSC-20023: Computational Intelligence I


  • CSC-30014: UG Projects


Other Academic Roles (2018/19)

  • School of Computing and Mathematics Academic Conduct Officer
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences Ethics Committee member
  • School of Computing and Mathematics, Computing Division, Student Voice Committee Convener

UG Projects

If you are interested in pursuing an UG project with me, pelase feel free to e-mail me.

Previous student projects (2017/18)

  • Exploring the effects of different evolutionary methods in a heterogeneous environment
  • Neural Networks on Android
  • Artificial Life Simulations of Social Learning and Cultural Evolution
  • In the face of a cloudy political landscape, can we use demographic data to help predict election results?
  • Predicting the amount of corners and booking points within a Premier League football match.
  • An Artificial Intelligence to play Risk against a user
  • Simulating conditions for evolution of caste based labour division assuming a social population
  • The use of ant colony optimisation algorithms to develop a web mapping service for Keele

Project Ideas for future students

  • Nature inspired solutions and computation
  • Artificial life simulations of social learning and cultural evolution
  • Evolutionary art
  • Simulating real and variable environments and ecosystems
  • The simulation of learning as a life history trait
  • Modelling animal behaviour
  • Evolutionary models ecosystems and environments
  • Simulated evolutionary robotics
  • Artificial life models of epidemiology
  • Predator-Prey co-evolution
  • The effects of social agents on artificial ecosystems
  • Using Computational Intelligence to Predict Election Results
  • Using Computational Intelligence to Predict the results of Sporting Fixtures